Weekend Updates…

I promised earlier to report about Armadillo’s comic book cover selection. Are you sitting down? Because my frilly, girlie, pink-loving Armadillo picked this one:

Diana Beebe's BlogYou didn see that one coming, did you? The shocking thing was that she didn’t even hesitate in the store. LOL. There is an evil genius in there somewhere. And I mean that in the nicest, most loving way possible! 😀

The poll results were split. A few of you (30%) guessed that she picked the dark and sinister cover because it was cool. No one guessed that it was her only option. The other two options about the other cover (cute ponies in snow: 40% and pink: 30%) combined for a whopping 70%. *shakes head* She surprised even me.

In other news…

We don’t watch Saturday Night Live very often, but we recently discovered “The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Coversation with at a Party” on the “Weekend Update” skit. She is not on often enough, in my opinion.

Click this link to check it out on the official website (or you can search for her on youtube). What I love about this one is that her speech patterns butcher English pronunciation, but she throws in a grammar zinger every once in awile. I think this one is our favorite.  Mockingbird has a knack for immidating the girl.  It’s also clean enough (so far) for Armadillo to listen to it.

In gardening news…

I’m sad to say that my sweet potato experiment is looking like a complete fail. Sigh. The three slips that I planted are brown and dry. One has one tiny live leaf left–so there is hope. There is good news though. I pulled up some volunteer celery from the garden stones and planted them where the sweet potatoes are dying in the ground. (“Volunteer” plants are ones that grow from the scattered seeds of plants. I let nature do the planting, and I am sure as heck gonna use them.)

Diana Beebe's Blog

So what’s going on for your weekend? Share your news!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Updates…

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      I knew you would guess that cover. 😀

      Yeah, I’ll just have to try the sweet potatoes again next year. Next time, I’ll see about ordering slips already grown. Sometimes DIY isn’t better. LOL.

  1. ngrabner

    Nothing quite new to report here except maybe that I got groceries out of the way early. 🙂 I’m actually working on my WIP right now, and it feels like it’s going pretty good. I need to buy my daughter some shorts, I can’t believe it’s almost 90 today!

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      Groceries are good! 🙂 Shorts already? You’ve got it warmer than we do! It seems as if I just got my younger one’s closet in order for winter.


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