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Just When We Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water

Animal Planet did it again. They have “new evidence” that mermaids are real.

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Just When We Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water

Are You Sure Mermaids Aren’t Real?

Today is a blogging milestone for me: This is my 100th post. I’m not sure anyone is as shocked as I am. I tried to think of a great way to celebrate. Of course, I’m revisiting one of my favorite topics: Mermaids!

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Are You Sure Mermaids Aren’t Real?

Life-size self portrait of me as a mermaid

Life-size self portrait of me as a mermaid

When Distant Relatives Visit

It’s the holiday season, and people visit family and friends.¬† How do you prepare for those…uh, distant relatives who come to¬†visit?¬† You know the ones I’m talking about.¬† They are difficult to accommodate and have strange eating habits.¬†¬†Don’t even think about the Neanderthal-like hygiene practices. *shiver*

Where are these nine-feet (or taller, even) cousins going to sleep?

I think I’ll rig up an extra large hammock between the trees in the backyard.¬† No, that won’t work because the winter seedlings are slowly working their way up.¬† I wouldn’t want our guest to step in the garden.¬† Maybe, we’ll have to borrow a huge tent.

If the thought of preparing meals for the crowd everyday starts to overwhelm, we can think about the edibles we have growing outside.¬† I don’t mean the seedlings and baby broccoli which barely survived housing the offspring of negligent, flighty parents.¬† (They could’ve at least waited for the caterpillars to hatch before they flew away somewhere to whatever it is butterflies do after they lay eggs on baby broccoli.)

No, these guests require a special diet.¬† They don’t like any processed foods–everything must be natural.¬† It’s a good thing that our yard has a variety of dandelions and clover.¬† The neighborhood has lots of wild rabbits, too–our newest family members will feel right at home.

(Note to self: Warn the neighbors to bring in their cats.)

Put out the best towels.  On second thought, hide the best towels and put out all the old ones, even the ones that we use to dry off the dogs.

(Note to self: Board the dogs at a kennel for the weekend.)

So who are Cousins George, Bob, and Fred that I fear for my furry kids’ lives?


If they are anything like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons, then I’d worry more about my house.

What a great holiday card!

What a great holiday card!

These are the mythological creatures of forest wildernesses.  They are our close relatives.

Their DNA proves it. Yep.  Some scientists in Texas have sequenced the DNA of bigfoot. Their findings are controversial though.  (Ya think?)   They claim human females cross-bred with unknown primates.  Some 15,000 years later, those descendants should have human rights.

Hmmm…¬† Well, it seems we will have to wait for more conclusive evidence and test results before we need to give Fred, Bob, and George voting rights or a place at the holiday dinner table.

Their cousins from Everest are getting a lot of attention, too.  It seems the Sasquatch is mighty elusive.

For other interesting ideas, go check out what Debra Kristi says about Bigfoot at her blog.  There are other interesting links to read, too.

I’d love to see mermaids in real life, too–maybe from a distance.¬† Oh, wait!¬† Mermaids are half human.¬† Does that mean….


What do you think about Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti stories? Are they close relatives, stuff made of myth, or seriously clever creatures?

My Mermaid Gets a Pet

My family has dogs.  Two of them.  They are both very much part of the family, even Demon Dog.  Everyone should experience the joys and responsibility of owning a pet at least once in his or her life.

My mermaid laughed when I told her I thought she should have a pet.¬† She asked, “I don’t do windows, why do I need¬†the responsibility of a¬†pet?”

Well, because pets are loving and huggable and fun.

“And they require care and feeding,” she pointed out.¬† She laughed and pointed at me again. “Besides, I’m a mermaid, hello?”

Pets offer companionship and love.  My dogs are almost always close to one of us in the house.  They hug by leaning into a good ear rub.  They greet us when we come home.

“Have you seen the underwater creatures around here?¬† Not many ears.¬† And I’m always home.”

She was really resisting this idea to have a pet.  I could find her a pet that was self-sufficient and pretty and had ears that could be rubbed.  She rolled her eyes.

Then, I gave her this:

Created with the http://www.dolldivine.com Merpony Maker

My mermaid squealed with delight.¬† “My very own merpony?”


“I promise to take care of it and feed it¬†and do all the work.”

Yeah, right. We parents know how that one will end.

If you’re checking, here are my ROW80 goals for the week:

  • Finish the minutes for the PTA meeting and send them for approval.¬† I haven’t even touched this one!
  • The back garden beds are ready, so now I need to plant kale, spinach, and carrot seeds.¬† Finished just before cold snap! ūüôā
  • Write as if I’m not a NaNoWriMo rebel this week.¬† ūüėĬ† Training at work makes for long days and short evenings.¬† Sigh.
  • Make chicken soup and venison stew for the week.¬† Chicken soup–check!
  • Get back to 3 or more blogging posts a week.¬† Check!

Are You a Lumper or a Separater?

Since¬†most people¬†can’t afford to buy¬†new clothes¬†everyday, laundry is a necessary chore.¬† Here at Mermaids Don’t Do Windows, the clothes, sheets, and towels do have to get washed.¬†¬†Until¬†a laundry fairy¬†starts doing ours,¬†somebody has to do it.

The Husband rarely does laundry.¬† I banned him for life¬†shortly after we got married.¬† His idea of washing everything in hot water didn’t sit well with the few nice things that I owned at the time.¬† I’m sure it was¬†his evil master plan to get out doing of laundry altogether.

Daughter 1 does most of her own laundry, but she can’t sort¬†colors to save her life.¬†¬†She puts bright colors in the whites all the time.¬† “I didn’t know which basket to put those in.”¬† Drives me crazy.¬† If I’m feeling generous, I’ll throw her clothes in with the rest, but¬†she has to put them away.¬† It’s not my problem if she can’t find something or her clothes are dirty.¬† She is 14.

Daughter 2 is too short to reach the controls.¬† When she’s tall enough and/or pushes me over the edge about how her clothes are done, then she’ll be assimilated, too.¬† For now, she helps with simple tasks.

The other day, a friend asked me to choose between my washer or dryer.  She did not just ask me to choose which child to keep, did she?

I know that the appliances aren’t children, but don’t ask me to choose.¬† They get sold in matching sets for a reason.¬† The Maytags I have now are the first matching set I’ve ever owned.¬† When we got them several years ago, we called them the Rolls Royce and Bentley.¬† They even have luxury features (the sales guy sold them to my husband with promises of¬†wrinkle release settings).¬† I’m not choosing between them.

Every once in a while, someone will complain about the wrinkles.¬† Wrinkles?¬† No, those are dryer laugh lines.¬† I’ve tried to get shirts out when damp and warm, but the wrinkle fairies¬†live in the dryer (and they probably eat socks when they get hungry).¬† Wrinkle release spray is my only hope of defeating them until the laundry fairies arrive.¬† I thought that the wrinkle prevent setting on the Rolls Royce and wrinkle release settings on the Bentley were supposed eliminate my wrinkle problems.

What?¬† Use an iron?¬† *scoffs*¬† Mermaids don’t iron.¬†¬†Heck, my iron¬†is the same one I had in college.¬† It has my maiden name written on the bottom in permanent marker and black electrical tape on the cord where my roommate’s illegal pet rabbit chewed the cord.

Daughter 2 helped me change the sheets on her bed last week, and she noticed the wrinkles.¬† “Aren’t you going to iron those sheets?”¬† Who taught her that?!¬† How does she even know what an iron is at 6 years of age?¬† When she’s old enough and can figure out how to unfold the ironing board, she can iron her¬†own¬†sheets.

While I wait for that laundry fairy to take over the washing, drying, ironing, folding, and putting away chores and to save me from my wrinkly bad habits, here are my laundry demands for Daughter 1:

  • Sort the colors into the proper baskets:¬† Reds (including purples and oranges), whites and most unmentionables, jeans and dark colors, towels and sheets.
  • Don’t use fabric softener with the towels.
  • Don’t wash the kitchen dish towels with the other towels (I don’t know why I have a problem with this.¬† Just gross.)
  • If you complain about the way the laundry gets done, do it yourself.¬† You have clean clothes, so be grateful.

I’m a separater.¬† I can’t even lump the dogs’ bath towels with the family’s bath towels.

What are your laundry habits (good¬†or bad)?¬† Do you have¬†pet peeves about cleaning clothes?¬† Do you make your children do their own laundry or participate for the common good of the entire family?¬† Are you a lumper or¬†a separater:¬† Do you throw everything into one load (who cares about¬†the colors), or separate all loads by colors and¬†types? I’d love to hear from you.

Say It’s All True or Not

Odd news seems to attract my attention.  Sometimes I read odd stories and shake my head in disbelief.  Other times I think it would be fantastic if the stories were true.  One thing that is always true: Some people take it all at face value and others are complete skeptics.

Who knows?  Maybe these stories are true.  They could be in a parallel universe.  Or not.  Now for some fun.

Nessie Lives!

Recently, I found this article about sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.¬† Yes!¬† Finally, someone took a picture of¬†a creature swimming in Loch Ness.¬†¬†As usual, nay-sayers don’t believe it and the believers do.

In all seriousness, it’s a big lake.¬† Humans have a lot of hubris, don’t we?¬† Who’s to say there isn’t a creature that lives in that lake whose species has never been cataloged?¬†¬†¬†(No, I do not think it could be a mermaid.)

We are discovering new animals and plants everyday.  This possibly non-mammal, manatee-like creature could be next.  They better name it after Nessie!


I imagine the Nessies are this cute.

UFOs Have Technology We Could Use!

In July, the UK government released UFO documents. Over 6,700 pages of data, most of which was explainable.¬† Sort of.¬† At least until an official said that it would be nice if we had the technology to move that way.¬†¬†Our planet is the only one in the infinite universe to have intelligent life?¬† I can’t believe that.

I watched¬†the TV show V (yes, both versions that aired) and the numerous other shows and movies that have portrayed¬†aliens as probing, unemotional, human-eating, scary monsters.¬† I’m not saying that’s not a possibility, but I’d like to believe there are life forms¬†out there who feel and love as much as we Earthlings do.

Crop Circles Created!

Less than a month ago, a wheat farmer in Washington State discovered crop circles in his field.¬† This crop circle and others have been discovered mostly without any witnesses or explanation.¬† Some people call them hoaxes, others believe they are created by aliens, and still others think they are a natural phenomenon.¬† I did a search on them and thought my head would explode from all the information that’s out there.¬† I can’t explain them, but I think some are gorgeous. No matter how they were created.

Mysterious Shipwreck (or Something)!

When shipwreck hunters came across an anomaly at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, they were baffled by the size and shape of the object in the sonar images–amazing imagesimaginations.

Who knows how they came up with this rendition¬†(the Halloween movie-sounding music probably doesn’t help), but why does it have to be alien in nature? How do we know it’s not really ancient in nature?

Think about the things we’ll leave behind.¬†¬† What off-the-wall stories will our descendants create about the head of the Statue of Liberty in a million years when they find it at the bottom of the sea and there are no records to give them hints?

The statue was:

  • The representation of an ancient goddess.
  • The image of the wife of the first President of the United States.
  • The first woman President of the United States.
  • A look of what woman wore in America in the Twenty-First Century.
  • An enigma with no plausible explanation that anyone could agree on (like the Sphinx).

The mysterious is so, so, well, mysterious.  *rolling eyes*

That’s what is great about these things.¬† Everyone can have their own opinion, science,¬†or conspiracy theory about them.¬†¬†Are they true?¬† Did¬†someone make them up and put them out there for other imaginations to believe and perpetuate?¬†¬†Or¬†not?¬†¬†Do you have a favorite myth, hoax,¬†or conspiracy theory?

Mermaids aren’t real?

I had a different idea for my first post, but then I heard about the announcement that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration made recently that “No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.

Really?  All this because Animal Planet ran a science fiction episode about what if mermaids were an evolutionary possibility?  You can see their press release information for yourself.

I haven’t seen the show, but there were some viewers who thought the information was believable enough to contact NOAA to ask for proof.¬† NOAA’s brief announcement was wise to point out the obvious that the question of the mythological creature won’t be answered by them.

No worries.  Mer-mythology is still safe. 

As a kid, I played mermaid games in the pool with my siblings and cousins.  We kicked our legs together and pushed ourselves through the water.  It was hard work keeping my feet in line and legs bending just right to get the best mermaid movement through the water.  Aquaman had it easier and could communicate with sea creatures.  I wanted that gift.

As an art major (very briefly) in college, I had to do a full-sized self portrait.  I made myself a mermaid.

This is where my 14-year-old appropriates a quote from a Harry Potter character: “Are you sure that’s a real mermaid?¬† Well, it’s not very good, is it?” (You can see why I changed my major.)

News alert: Diana Beebe is not a mermaid and never was a mermaid.  This is only a photograph of an art assignment, not of a mermaid. No calls to NOAA or any other agency to check, please.

Does that mean mermaids aren’t real?

Even though archeological, biological, zoological, or any other¬† -logical evidence doesn’t exist, the fascination and love of mermaids exists worldwide.¬†¬† It would take pages to list all the movies, books, and TV shows that include merpeople.

A¬†friend of mine writes a blog about all things mer, including many people who have their own tails and spend their time working to protect¬†our world’s oceans.¬† Check out Cynthia’s blog and then tell me mermaids aren’t real.

I imagine that those people who contacted NOAA for answers after watching an episode of science theory feel a little bit silly chasing a red herring (sorry, couldn’t resist at least one pun).

What mythological creature would you love to see found, or not?¬† Why, or why not?¬† I’d love to hear what you think.¬† Leave a comment below.

Following and sharing are welcome, too.¬† ūüėČ


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