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Dawn Just After Midnight

I’m not sure how it happened.  I might be a little crazy for agreeing to the outing.  Working on three hours of sleep here, sooo….

Movie poster from Wikipedia

My neighbors are great. I don’t know many people around here who can say they know and regularly talk to many of the people who share the same street name in their snail mail address.

So when Breaking Dawn Part 2 tickets went on sale, the instigator (we’ll call her L) said, “Let’s go!”

I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book series.  I did.  My BFF and I watch the ones that are out on DVD so we can revel in the story and make fun of the special effects.  (Seriously, the animated talking werewolves in Breaking Dawn Part 1 killed us.)

I’m working on three hours of sleep here.  Forgive my ramblings.  Back to the story.

L, P, C, and I went to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 1 last year.  Of course, we’d go to the last installment November 15-16.  L bought our tickets online for the 12:01 showing.

Last night at 10 pm, I left my warm, cozy house and walked down the street to meet up with my coven pack uh, neighbors.  I swear it was like a synchronized arrival like you see in movies…

A character walks down the street and meets up with her peeps as she goes.  They join her just as she arrives at their locations.

It happened just like that.  I walked down a few houses and met up with P and C.  Then M (one of the several teens who joined us) walked out and met up with me.  Then L and her daughter S with one of her friends in tow.  Seven crazy females piled into L’s SUV (yep, she bought the tickets and drove–instigator and enabler), and her teenage son and his friend followed in his car.

Yes, I did indeed just say “teenage son and his friend.”  They joined us at the movie theater.  Their sole purpose for tagging along was to talk to girls at the theater.  They didn’t even sit with us when we got there.  The nerve.  They went into the theater that was full of girls rather than sit with us in the half-full theater.

Then we sat and talked and looked at Facebook in the dark for an hour and a half. At midnight, we were ready for the movie to start.  Some of us (not me) did the potty dance and excused themselves with 20 minutes of movie trailers to avoid.

My coven pack neighbors, photo courtesy of the one in pink. 😉

A couple walked in and sat down in front of us.  C and I looked at each other.  She said, “Seriously, they just walk in at midnight and find a seat?”  Who knew that we didn’t have to get there with enough time to check into security be able to find a decent seat this year?  Last year, we were way early and had to sit in the fourth row.  Waaaay too close.

No spoilers from me today, I promise, because I get to go see it again with my BFF.  I will say that it was the best of the five movies!  Something happens at the end and had the entire theater screaming and cheering and freaking out–a twist none of us saw coming.  There were grown men, who most likely didn’t read the book, who cheered and gasped and freaked out with the rest of us.

It was a scene that might not have read well in the book had it been written but was perfect for the movie.  Wow!

When I got home, I pulled the book out and read through the last chapter to see just how different the twist was from the book.  Oh, it’s different.  It is probably the only time I’ve ever said that a movie outdid its book, especially for a series that underdid its books in the first couple of installments. (Is “underdid” even a word? Three hours of sleep here, people. Move along.)

That’s all I say about that for fear of letting something slip.  I don’t need the Spoiler Volturi tracking me down for breaking that rule.

If you want to read in-depth descriptions of all the characters, you must read Debra Kristi’s blog: Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Breakdown: Immortal Monday.

Are you going to see it?  Have you already seen it?  I’d love to hear what you think, but no spoilers just yet.  😉

Who gets custody? A BFF’s Sacrifice

When one of my closest and dearest friends for the last 20 years told me she was moving to San Diego because her husband got a new job, I was crushed.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have a wonderful gaggle of BFFs on whom I depend.  Debbie just happened to be one I’ve known since I was first married.  She lived above us in the same apartment building.  My husband’s family had known her family since they were kids.  And she was moving.

Who else would trade dog sitting services?  Who else would watch the Twilight Saga movies with me with equal amounts of love and hate?  Who else would watch Casino Royale with me and hope the DVD gets stuck again and again on the scene when James Bond walks in from the ocean to the beach?  Who else would beta read my first drafts, blush like crazy, and still be able to look me in the eye after?

I was dealing with the news of the move quite well until one of our friends asked the question that made it real:

“Who will get custody of the Cricut machine?”

*screeching breaks*

Debbie and I love to scrapbook. We got together so often that we owned a Cricut Express together (why settle for the 6-inch machine when you can have 12 inches).  (Hey, this blog is rated PG to PG-13!)

The cute, black Cricut bag was on sale, soooo….

We also owned about 40 cartridges and two Jukeboxes so we could keep twelve catridges going at once. (Hey, we are TAME lameusers of the Cricut.  You should see what other people do and the number of they own. Check them out on Pinterest–you may never leave.)

Love this thing.  My kids love it, too.  We’ve used it for school, art, and wall vinyl projects.

Who will get to keep the best tool ever?  How we decide something like that?  It was so unfair!  *pout*

Granted it lived at her house most of the time.  My ‘crapbooking (my husband’s word) closet was already leaking paper and albums and other ‘crapping supplies.

But we’d gone halfsies on it.  Neither of us could imagine life without it. Naturally, we did what any other scrapbooking moms would do.

We bought another one and split the cost.  Another set of mats, tools, and a new font cartridge might have found their way into the cart, too.  I mean, really, you have to have the tools, and we had to have an even number of cartridges.  Think this through, people.

Then, we took turns picking our cartridges teams until the boxes players were evenly distributed. There were some cartridges that we would both miss and have to buy our own.

I would miss Debbie more than the cartridges, but we purposely left all that unsaid.  The tears were just too close to the surface.  There’s no crying in movingscrapbooking.  It wasn’t as if she wouldn’t be back and bring a few of the cartridges with her to visit.  She really was just a phone call or email away.

Seriously, I was in denial even on the day she and her family moved.  The next scrapbooking retreat felt a little odd without her.

A little over two years later, Debbie is back in Texas.  Just in time, too, because the second part of Breaking Dawn is coming out this fall.  I need someone to watch it with me who will be just as likely to make fun of the way the werewolves talk as she will love the overall storyline (and appreciate the way Stephenie Meyer pulled off an amazing amount of work).  I feel a marathon movie event in the works.

So…Do we tell our husbands that the move to San Diego in the first place was really a ruse to make sure we both had our own Cricuts?

Nah.  It was a brave sacrifice and should be remembered that way.  *shhhh*

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about my favorite place to hang out with my BFFs. The Sisters’ Hideaway is the BEST scrapbooking or crafting  or writing or retreating getaway in North Texas, in my opinion.  It’s a weekend away from everything else–no cooking, no cleaning, no interruptions from kids, pets, or husbands (sometimes they call).   Some people scrapbook, others sew, make jewelry, read, and watch movies.  I split my time between scrapbooking and writing.  Granted, I know the sisters and love them (they didn’t ask me to mention them, by the way).  They have truly done a fabulous job.  I get to go there soon.  So excited!

Do you have any BFF stories?  Did you ever share something with your BFF and wish you had your own?  Give me the scoop.