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New Phone, Apps Recovered!

A few days ago, I posted about losing most of my apps when I upgraded my phone.  The Sprint store didn’t move them over, nor did they tell us (my in-laws and me) the trick for getting them back.

My paid apps were easy, because I found them on Google Play and reinstalled them.

Then my friend, Rachel, who knows all things Android, commented on that post.  I should have asked her about it in the first place! *face palm*

I’m going to go all technical writer on you now (although I’d never use purple callouts in my day job) to show you what I did to recover my free apps.

1. From the browser on your phone or on your computer, go to https://play.google.com/apps.

2. Log into your gmail account.

3. The Google play page displays your application libraries. Every app you ever installed on a phone is listed on the page.


4. Click a phone icon to view the apps installed on that device, or view your library to locate the apps you want to install on your new phone.

5. When you find an app you want, click Install.


6. The Send to Another Device list should should your new device by default. If it does not, click the down arrow to select the correct device.


7. Click Install. The application will be pushed to your phone or device.

8. Click OK to close the window.

There is one caveat.  If the application or game had data from your old phone, you will not have that data after the fresh installation.  However, if you have to log into the app develper’s server, then you should be able to recover your game progress or saved data from them.

I guess that means I have to start Angry Birds Star Wars over from the beginning!  😀

I hope you find these instructions helpful!

#ROW80 Goals:

  • Declare war on the caterpillars eating my broccoli plants.
  • I finished editing my middle grade WIP vomit draft. (Yay!)  Now, I have to make the changes and fill in plot holes before my 14-year-old’s birthday.  That gives me less than 2 weeks to surprise her with a rough draft of the story she helped inspire.
  • Getting closer to fitting into those smaller jeans.
  • School PTA minutes need approval.

New Phone, Hijacked!

I just got a new phone.  It’s the Samsung Galaxy S3 and a huge upgrade from my Galaxy S, which now feels tiny and insignificant in my hand.

There’s something about setting up a new phone.  Yeah, sure, the phone store migrated all my files and contacts.  What they didn’t migrate and what Google fails at is migrating all my free apps. Purchased apps aren’t a problem at all, because I reinstalled them from Google Play market.

My free apps are stuck in limbo, or I have to start from scratch.  Google needs to fix that problem–it’s a place the iPhone has them completely beat (so says my husband).

My munchkin lost a couple of her games in the process.  Now she can play with my old GS on wifi instead of hijacking my new phone, but Tap Fish may be gone forever (I’m not missing that one).

Speaking of hijacking, which is where this was all supposed to be going anyway, my new phone has been hijacked, mostly by The Husband, The Teenager, and a friend.  How do I know they take my GS3 when I’m not looking?

Because they leave evidence.

Exhibits A, B, and C:




There are many others that should not be publicized (although I might still!) and others that The Teenager has threatened me with horribleness (such as never returning my fiction books) if I post them.

Honestly, if the pictures are on my phone, then they are blogging fodder.

Phone hijackers, beware!