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Dream Cars and Drool…

The other day, I sat in my dream car. Sigh. Motor Trend’s Car of the Year.

Telsa Motors Model S.

The sleek lines, the amazing interior, the very cool door handles (they are flat against the door until you touch them). I had to restrain myself from flailing my arms in excitement. The screen behind the car says, “My eyes were wide and my jaw has dropped.” Sums it up nicely. Except for one thing…

Diana BeebeThe salesman in the showroom approached us. Here’s our conversation:
Sales guy: Do you have any questions?
Me: No, I’m just drooling.
Sales guy: *Puzzled look* then *hearty laughter* That is the best answer I’ve heard ever!
Husband: Get the girls through college first.

Kill joy.

I left the Santana Row Tesla Motors Design Studio willingly and with most of my dignity intact, much to my husband’s relief. I’m sure he had visions of my hanging onto the sleek, beautiful hood and clinging to it with desparation while begging for the sedan to return my love.

Ahem. Moving on while I have a shred of dignity left…

At dinner that night, a friend told us how he’d just gotten the delivery date for his own Model S.  We’d planned our visit too early.  I wouldn’t get to drive it.  *pout*

Could I invite myself back on the day he gets his beautiful, sleek Model S, so I could drive it?  And maybe pull a couple of fuses.  You must watch the video toward the bottom of the article.

My friend sent me that link with the note “For your drooling pleasure.”  I have it bad, don’t I?  Truthfully, I would be terrified to drive the car in that manner.

It reminded me of when I drove the Tesla Motors Roadster.

As if that’s not bad enough Tesla Motors also has the Model X. The ultimate crossover with the coolest doors ever.  My seven-year-old hopes that I’ll get that one so she can drive it someday.  Keep dreaming, kiddo.  You will not be parking that in a high school student parking lot.

I’ll keep dreaming, too.  I’ll try not to drool.  No promises.

What’s your dream car?  Have you ever owned your dream car?  What feature do you love about cars?

The Call of the Honey Do

“Di Di?”

Uh-oh. Do you know what that sound is?  It’s not the mockingbird who lives in our front tree (although that bird is crazy enough to copy it if it hears it often).


It’s the Honey Do Call that my husband makes–now that we know what his tell is.  It means he has a project that requires my presenceassistance.  It is disguised as a request for company:

“Di Di, will you sit in the garage with me?”

Oh, no. Not the garage.

But The Husband is cute, really cute.  That cuteness somehow sucks me into the garage before my survival instincts can kick in and make me escape from the house. The moment I stepped into the garage I was a goner.

It’s too late for me.  Save yourselves!

“Di Di.  Will you come with me to the store?”

Run away! Run away!

Oh, I can handle the store, I thought to myself.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I knew I should have run away when I had the chance when we pulled into the parking lot of the auto parts store.

The Husband bought front shocks for our little old pickup truck.  We bought it the year after we got married.  It’s 19 years old.  Our neighbor calls it the “little red wagon”–even though it isn’t red–because we use it well.

Shocks?  I’m shocked.  First, he doesn’t work on his own cars anymore.  Second, the ride has been bumpy for years, why fix it now?

In the garage, “keep me company” becomes “please hand me the blah, blah, blah” (don’t expect me to name the tools) and leads to “adjust the jack like this” and then finally “help me push this shock into place.”

For someone who was going to watch idly, I was covered in car grime.

Fast forward a few weeks…

“Di Di?”

Run for your life!

This time he completely tricked me into going to the auto parts store.  I don’t know how I missed the signs.  I should have seen the red flags and fled the scene when I got the Honey Do call.  Surely, one of the kids needed me right at that moment.

The rear shocks were much easier to get into place, but it was hot as Hades in the garage.  Who decides to work on his car in the garage in the Texas summer? (That’s a rhetorical question, of course.)


I see the truck differently now…

We cleaned off the grime and went for a ride in the little 19-year-old pick up truck.  There are no handles above the windows.  I like to call this handle the “Oh, crap!” handle.  (I like to keep this blog rated PG.  I usually have a different name for it.)

Whatever you do, don’t get in that truck!

The truck recovered so well that we were thrown all over the small cab.  Why didn’t they put “Oh, crap!” handles in this thing?  Did they not know my husband was going to be driving it?

Then it dawned on me that riding in the truck is now the best abdominal core workout ever.  Go around the block again, Honey!

If I’d known, I would have been in the garage a long time ago calling, “Honey, will you keep me company out here?”

And the hunter becomes the hunted.

What’s on your honey-do list? 🙂

Fast and Gorgeous and Electric

A couple of years ago, I fell in love with an electric car.  This wasn’t any ol’ electric vehicle.  This was a Tesla–the Model S, specifically.

Photo courtesy of my friend Shannon Wells, who got to tour the factory

Sigh.  *batting eyelashes*

Tesla had just unveiled their design for their second car.  My husband (who knows me too well) showed me the announcement.

I was smitten (and completely ignored the price tag).

On a whim, I emailed Tesla to see if they had plans for a service center in Texas.  (Houston isn’t that far away…)  And they were going to be in town with a Roadster to film a commercial.  Would I like to drive it?

Was that a rhetorical question?  Not just yes, but heck yes!  When and where?

My husband and I had an appointment to drive one of the coolest electrice sports cars ever.

Sigh  *batting eyelashes*

It was little bit terrifying (I was driving a car that cost almost as much as some small houses), exhilarating (that car was fast and the top was open), and amazing (let off the gas to break–deceleration was as much fun as the acceleration).

After we drove the Roadster, the Tesla reps gave us some swag.  My husband was batting his eyes a little, too.

Hot Wheels Roadster and a ball cap swag

My friend Shannon gets to drive her good friend, Scott’s, Roadster.  She gets to drive it a lot.  She gave me a video clip from her trip to San Fransico in the Roadster.  As soon as I get it in a format I can use here, I’m posting it so you can see it, too.

I’m a little bit of a nerd about the Model S.  I get the Tesla monthly newsletter.  I’ve built my own on their website a million times.  Don’t think I haven’t thought about plunking down the reservation payment, but then I remember that we have two kids to put through college first.  (The older one says, “Thanks for thinking of me, Mom.” *rolls eyes*)

One day, I was looking at drooling over the Tesla Model X when my younger one came in.  “What kind of car is that?  Are you going to buy that?  You could get that now and then I can drive it later.”

Let me explain.  We’d been trying to decide what car to buy (we’re still looking).  It needs to be one that the soon-to-be-driving teenager can drive later.  My younger one plans ahead for everything, especially if it means a cool vehicle for her.  All I could say was, “Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Tesla is going to be in town for Model S test drives soon.  I must clear my schedule.

Sigh.  *batting eyelashes*

Do you have a dream car?  What is your ultimate car experience?  I’d love to hear from you.