Lessons Learned from a Dishwasher

Last week, I was a total blogging slacker. So sorry to disappear like that, but you know how life gets in the way sometimes. Now I’m back with a vengeance.

Well, if I could take out revenge on a dishwasher….

Not how I expected to spend my morning...

Not how I expected to spend my morning…

It’s not the dishwasher’s fault. So instead, my wrath should be pointed at the genii (pronounced jee-nee-ahy)* who designed the dishwasher with the fuse on the worst possible place–the inside as far back as possible.

Seriously?  Did any of those guys think that the fuse would last forever? Did they try to extract the dishwasher and replace a fuse?

Their Quality Assurance department was short at least one test case: “Can a mermaid housewife husband change the fuse easily?”

If the dishwasher hadn’t blown a fuse the first week after we bought it, we might not have know that the fuse was the trouble. The store sent a service guy over. He showed us (mostly because we watched) that he had to extract the entire dishwasher from the cabinets and tilt it over wildly (without tumping it on its side) to get to the fuse. Then, he had to right the appliance and rock it back into position under the counter.

Are you kidding me?

I had to empty the dishwasher and wash it all by hand. Grrrr.

Lessons learned from this dishwasher and what we’ll do next time we buy one:

  1. Where is the fuse located and how easy is it to change? (Not kidding. We had no idea this was something to think about.)
  2. Does it clean well? (Despite good reviews, this one doesn’t. *pout*)
  3. Does it match the other appliances? (Yeah, this shouldn’t be number 1 on the list. *smirk*)

*The word genii is a plural of the word genius. It’s not as common as geniuses (and is mostly related to the mythical geniis), but it’s The Mockingbird’s favorite form of the word, so I use it. 🙂

I debated about telling you who makes this dishwasher, but I didn’t.  Hmmm… *cough*Samsung*cough*

What appliance lessons have you learned? Could you or do you live without a dishwasher?

10 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from a Dishwasher

  1. Laura Ritchie

    Oh, what a pain! I also hate doing dishes. A lot. No… more than that. A LOT, LOT! I am prone to letting them pile up until both sinks AND the counter are full, but I’m making a concerted effort to do better lately.

    With buying appliances, it’s always a live-and-learn process, isn’t it? Bad thing is, we are stuck with our mistakes for a very long time. I mean, who can run out and buy a new fridge just because the ice-maker shoots ice across the room like a spray of bullets? You just live with it, right?

    We bought our first pellet stove a few years back. One month in… no heat. Repairman replaced this little do-da underneath, and it was fine. We were under warranty. Every three or four months… same deal. Problem is, our warranty ended at one year. Now we have to buy and replace that little do-da ourselves… EVERY time. In fact, we have to keep an extra on hand, because this is our home’s main heat source.

    And they cost $80 each!!!

    Like I said… live-and-learn. LOL

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      That’s terrible! There should be a lemon law for stoves! Do you remember when an appliance lasted forever? Sigh. Yes, live and learn. And tell your friends to avoid that particular appliance…

  2. mysticcooking

    I cannot live without a dishwasher. I survived all my college years washing everything by hand, but as soon as I moved into an apartment with a dishwasher I knew I could never go back. I have yet to buy my own dishwashing appliance, though, so I’ll be sure to file this away and keep it in mind when that time comes. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. Debra Kristi

    Must have working dishwasher. I am a lover of creature comfort. Before reading your post I never even thought about the dishwasher having a fuse. I don’t know why. It makes total sense. It wasn’t that long ago that we found out ours was leaking beneath the cabinets. It had been going on for a while before being discovered. It was the wood floor turning black beneath my kitchen mat that clued me in. Ugh to dishwashers. The week after we got it fixed we got a letter from the maker, something about recall and some piece prone to catch fire. I’m thinking that might be my chance for the new kitchen I want. LOL! This week it was a sprinkler that wouldn’t stop leaking. It took a solid week of calling the plumber every day before someone showed up with the necessary part to fix it. I HATE dealing with this sort of crap!

    When we are kids we’re in such a hurry to grow up. When we get here sometimes I wonder shy re rushed the journey. Sorry about your dishwasher fiasco.

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      I’m not sure what the rush was either. It means having to deal with appliances and sprinklers! I’m so glad your dishwasher didn’t cause a fire, but ruined wood floors are no fun. Good luck with the repairs! 🙂

  4. Debbie Janssen

    I am so glad it was not an LG dishwasher. Our new LG one is still in the box waiting to be installed in our new home. Hopefully we will have better luck as we all know LG is the better brand 😉 I’ll check for that fuse before it is installed!

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