Happy Groundhog Day

Looks like an early spring this year. That’s what the Groundhog predicts, because he didn’t see his shadow, which means he didn’t feel the need to hide in his burrow for a long winter.

By EIC via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons

By EIC via Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons

I never understood that.  Wouldn’t he be warmer if the sun was out?  Check out the history of Groundhog Day.  It’s quite interesting.

Instead, the little predictor of weather says, “Hey, look!  It’s sunny.  I’m going back to bed.”

It seems counterintuitive to me.  If it’s a sunny day, I’d like to be out working in the garden.  If it’s a cloudy, yucky day, I’d rather crawl back into bed.

It’s a good thing, Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t live near me, because it’s a gorgeous sunny day.  I’m going to go work in my garden and get ready for early spring.

What do you think about Groundhog Day?  Is it just a fun tradition or a true predictor of the seasons?  Do you know of other odd holidays that should get more or less attention?

6 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog Day

  1. Ryan King

    LOL. What’s funny is that our local groundhog in Georgia, General Beauregard Lee, disagrees with Punxsutawney Phil. He says we’re in for a long winter. Apparently the news networks did some “investigating” and shows that our groundhog tends to be more accurate, somewhere around 94% of the time. I love superstitions.

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      Too funny! I did use a CC image of a groundhog, not Phil himself (I didn’t want to worry about copyright issues). Out of curiosity, how do you spot the gender in a groundhog?


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