2012 in Review and Looking Forward to 2013

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for Mermaids Don’t Do Windows.

In the almost six months that I’ve been blogging, here are my top 5 posts and my theories for why they made the list:

  1. Mermaids Aren’t Real? — This War of the Worlds moment (remember the radio program that had people panicking?) had to be shared.  If they are real, they are smart enough to elude Animal Planet film crews.
  2. My Very Own My Little Pony — Ponyfest12 was a success!  I couldn’t believe that my pony won, but then again, I have awesome friends.  Look for a pony reveal soon.  In the meantime, you should check out Rebecca Enzor’s blog, because Ponyfest is hers and she’s great.
  3. Totes, Selfies, and Sharpies — Why did this one make the top 5?  Because there are people searching on teen selfies.  Not kidding! Exactly 25% of the known Google searches that linked to my blog were about selfies, and most of those were looking for teens! Ick. Parents of teens, monitor your kids’ phones and uploads.  Just sayin’.
  4. Welcome to Gattaca — Who doesn’t love that movie?
  5. We figured that one out a long time ago — I just can’t help myself when I hear of discoveries that shock scientists about the intelligence of women.

These fabulous people were my top 5 commenters. I love their blogs.  I hope you check them out:

  1. Pauline B Jones
  2. Julie Glover
  3. Ryan King
  4. Debra Kristi
  5. Jordan L. Hawk

I launched this blog at the end of June last year with a ton of support and encouragement from my WANATribe Blogging for Brand classmates and WANA founder, Kristen Lamb.

So what’s in store for Mermaids Don’t Do Windows in 2013?

  • Three posts a week.
  • Pony reveal!
  • A visit from a Norse god. Yes, Thor is coming to visit me soon!  He will get to see what Texas is all about.
  • A blog upgrade and some tweaks.
  • A posting schedule.  What?! 
  • More housework avoidance (and maybe some decluttering projects).

Happy New Year to you all!

Thanks for stopping by.  I’d love to hear what you have going on for the new year.

18 thoughts on “2012 in Review and Looking Forward to 2013

  1. Ryan King

    Aww. You linked to me! Thanks 🙂 The 2012 review must be a wordpress.com thing. My poor self-install of wordpress.org didn’t generate that fancy report. I’m jealous. Sounds like 2013 will be busy around here. Happy New Year 🙂

  2. Janet Givens

    Great summary; made me wish I’d discovered you a year ago. I also love how you acknowledge other bloggers. My sense is this is one big community and the more we can connect with one another, the stronger we all become. I’ll be sure to check out each one you name. My resolutions for 2013? Funny you should ask: I will find 5 bloggers that I follow and five (other) bloggers that follow me. I will check out 5 organizations (for memoirists, bloggers, writers, social media wonks, etc.) and see if any are for me. I will attend one Writer’s Conference with a goal to network with other writers. I will finish the structural revisions in my book and get the final line edits done by summer (I will; I will). And, I will figure out just how I am going to see this book of mine into publication. There. I’ve put it out into the universe. Thanks for asking.

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      That is fabulous, Janet! I’m glad we met, too. If you are looking to travel for a writer’s conference, you should come to Dallas for the DFW Writer’s Conference. 🙂 I plan to attend again next May. I hope to meet other WANA peeps there in person. The universe is listening! Best wishes achieving your 2013 goals!

        1. Diana Beebe Post author

          I know what you mean. I’m trying to decide how far from home I’ll venture for a conference this year. We already have lots of family things going on. 🙂 Would love to meet you in person.

      1. Pauline Baird Jones

        How is it that I didn’t know you lived so close? Sometimes I think I have flies buzzing around my head. LOL Your conference is pretty close. I almost came this year, but Life happened. Again. Maybe this year….

  3. Debra Kristi

    I feel so honored to be linked, much less named. Woo hoo! Totally bummed to hear that when I move to .org I won’t be getting the fancy report. 😦 I didn’t post mine, but I sure enjoyed looking it over. Blogging schedule, huh? I’m going to try for twice a week. I decided to make it easy on you. Although, you never know. I could change my mind. 😀 Can’t wait to see what you and Thor do during your visit.

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      LOL. Yeah, I’m still working on that schedule thing. I hope Thor has fun. He’s had some pretty incredible adventures, but he hasn’t been to Texas. 😉


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