You Had Me at “Lighted Keyboard”

One day my husband asked me if I wanted a MacBook.  I hesitated.  I’m a computer girl.   I use three different versions of Windows at work.  I understand how the operating systems work.  He was asking me if I wanted to learn yet another operating system, and I didn’t like it.  His Mac baffled me even more than his iPhone did.

Honey: “You need to upgrade from that tiny netbook.”

Me: “But I like my netbook.  It fits in my purse bottomless pit.”

My netbook with its custom skin.

Honey: “You’ll like the size of the screen better.”

Me: “I don’t use the netbook for that much stuff.  I don’t need bigger.”

Honey: “You’re blogging now.”

Me: “I’ll think about it.”  What I was thinking: “I don’t want to think about it.  Mac scares me.”

Later that afternoon, I was typing away at our home computer in the study.  It got dark in the room as the sun went down.  I had to turn the light on so I could continue working.

You can stop laughing.

I’d like to think I’m a fairly decent typist, er, keyboarder.  I took typing in high school on a electric typewriter and was good enough to earn the privilege to type on one of the fancy advanced ones that had correction tape.

I’m not saying I was great and error free. Being able to type came in handy in college when I had to write ten page papers.  (I didn’t feel sorry for my friends when they complained about three pages.)

By the time I graduated from grad school, typing class was called keyboarding.  Students learned on computers–disabled backspace key, no correction tape.  I still call it typing.

Here’s the thing.  I can type without looking at the keyboard.  I can type with my eyes closed.  I cannot type in the dark.

Seriously, you can stop laughing now.

What is it that makes my fingers completely misbehave when the sun goes down and darkens my home office?  It’s not as if my fingers can see what they are typing.

My husband walked by and said, “The Mac has a lighted keyboard.”


He could have lead with that feature.

Since then, I’ve been learning how to navigate my updated MacBook Pro.  Switching desktops, deleting files, finding files–it was enough to overwhelm me at first.  I told a friend (an avid Mac user) and he welcomed me to the Dark Side.

The double-finger and triple-finger swiping are getting comfortable.  So much so that I tried double-finger scrolling on my work laptop this week.  Just so you know, it didn’t work, and I was disappointed.  How did that happen so fast, my acclimating to the Dark Side that is Apple?

My little netbook with its custom made skin sits quietly in a corner waiting for me to use it. Sorry, it’s not going to happen. It doesn’t have a lighted keyboard.

Now, I can type in the dark. *happy dance*

Are you still laughing?  What kind of computer do you use?

If you’re checking, here are my ROW80 goals for the week:

  • Finish the minutes for the PTA meeting and send them for approval.
  • The back garden beds are ready, so now I need to plant kale, spinach, and carrot seeds.
  • Write as if I’m not a NaNoWriMo rebel this week.  😀
  • Make chicken soup and venison stew for the week.
  • Get back to 3 or more blogging posts a week.

26 thoughts on “You Had Me at “Lighted Keyboard”

  1. Jordan L. Hawk

    I learned to type on an typewriter in high school as well, although it wasn’t electric (my high school was poorer than dirt). By that time, I already had my first computer at home: an Apple IIC. Yep, I’ve belonged to the Dark Side since 1987. I’ve had to use Windoze machines at work, and hubby is an avid Linux user, but all my personal machines have been Apple products. I currently have a Mac Pro for my desktop, which I use mainly for my art, and a MacBook for my laptop. 🙂

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      Lucky! My MacBook Pro is about three years old and it’s heavy compared to the new ones. I can only imagine the way the Air will be. Light as air, huh? LOL

  2. Pauline Baird Jones

    I’ve been over on the dark side for a couple of years now. It started with an iPod and then just got out of control. LOL! Now I can barely use my old PC (when I need to find a file still lurking there). I don’t know how you go back and forth. LOL! Welcome to the iStuff world. 🙂

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      Oh, so the iPod was all it took for you. It hasn’t been too bad switching back and forth–yet. I use Windows PCs for work, so that’s a must. I get to write and play on the Mac. I guess I use both enough that it’s not a problem–yet. 🙂

  3. kathils

    Thank you! Nice to know I am not alone. I can type with my head averted, watching the wind blow the trees and the rain coming down (as I am at this moment), can close my eyes and immerse myself in the rhythm of the words, can sometimes carry on a reasonable conversation — but if someone came in and turned off the lights….I’d be lost.

  4. Julie Glover

    I learned to type on an IBM Selectric. I can type on just about anything now. I have Apple-fan friends who keep trying to draw me over there–to the Dark Side–but I refuse to go. I use a Dell laptop, and I’m happy with it. I can’t imagine trying to new a new operating system right now. I’ve heard that Apples run more smoothly, but the hefty price tag and my dabbling with Macs when volunteering at the school have not been sufficiently convincing.

    Best wishes learning the new Mac! I know people who absolutely love ’em!

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      I’m still skeptical, Julie! LOL. I do like the laptop though, but I haven’t done much heavy duty work on it yet to freak out yet. 😉 I completely support you in your resistance to the dark side.

  5. Ryan King

    I love my Macbook Pro. I’ll never go back to a computer that doesn’t have a backlit keyboard. I use it too much in the dark. Welcome to the Mac family! Now we just need to get you started using Scrivener 😉

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      Oh, I am using it! It was the first app that I installed. I’m loving it. I know I’m barely scratching the surface of using all the features, but I’m learning as I go. I will never write a novel using Word again!

  6. KM Huber

    You had me at “I cannot type in the dark.” What’s up with that? A back lit keyboard is a must for me as well but haven’t yet made it to the dark side but oh, how I lurk. Great post, Diana.

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      What is it about the dark that makes typing hard? I’ve used a small USB book light on my netbook so I could have light on the keyboard. So goofy, but it might be a workaround I’d you don’t want to go over to the dark side. 😉

  7. alberta

    I sort of learnt to type back in the 70s but never really got it (typewriter) since typing on computer keyboard my speed has improved but I need to watch the keyboard.
    On this dark buisness – my sister has always been an avid knitter, all her adult life she knitted away – didn’t need to watch the needles – then for a while she had to cease while she relearned how to do it with rapidly fading sight – fine we have worked out patterns she doesnt need to read – she has no sight whats so ever now but, now she looks down at her fingers as she knits – go figure
    I’m not sure I could move from windows to Mac although I love the colours of apple:)

  8. Reetta Raitanen

    Cool that you’ve adapted well to Mac devices. I confess complete Apple virginity. I have never used Mac and I don’t even own an iPod. Lighted keyboard is a great feature. I had such a keyboard for my PC once. I definately need the light on when I type.

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      I’m still getting there–I’m taking it slowly. I really love the keyboard now though. I was writing last night in a dark room! I couldn’t have done that before. 😉


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