Eating Green Bean Blossoms

I completely spaced for my Tuesday post this week.  I’ll have something crazy for next week. 🙂

Last weekend was beautiful.  It was perfect for gardening.  My husband and I conscripted Daughter 1 to help clean up the summer garden beds in the backyard.  Daughter 2 cared only about whether we were going to plant the seeds.  She went inside when she got the news that the beds had to be cleaned up and prepared first.  Deserter!

Out came the eight-feet-tall okra plants.  I salvaged the last of the edibles, and Daughter 1 picked a few large ones for seeds.  The cuccuzza (Italian squash) vines were taken down from the fence they’d taken over.  I found one small squash that will be yummy in something.  The last of the green beans yielded a small handful of beans and blossoms.

What?! Eat flowers?

The blossoms are edible and wonderful.  They taste surprisingly like green beans.  The ones I picked ended up on my lunch salad the next day. Yum!

Before you start eating flowers, make sure the blossoms are edible.  This article about edible flowers by Linda Stradley at explains how to choose edibles.  Don’t use blossoms from a garden with pesticides.

Recently, I learned that squash blooms are also edible.  I wish I’d known that when we had squash growing this summer.  The Seasonal Chef’s squash blossom recipes are now on my list for next summer.  You can eat these without affecting a plant’s squash production. That’s not the case with green beans because the blossom is the bean eventually.

I’ve grown and eaten nasturtiums.  The leaves and flowers add a little something to a salad.  Dandelion flowers aren’t something I’ll add to a meal, even though they are abundant in my yard (LOL).

What do you think?  Would you consider eating edible blossoms?  Have you done so before?  If so, what did you eat and how did it taste?

Finally, #ROW80 update:

  • The back garden beds are ready for planting prep.   Need to turn the soil and add some compost.
  • Work out and eat better. Food does not define me.  Yep, working on this.
  • I’m a NaNoWriMo Rebel–finish the WIP and start editing. 15-20K is the goal.  Got 50 pages edited for structure and found plot holes to fill in.  I’ve written only 1 K and Daughter 1 banished all fiction reading (unless I’m reading out loud to the girls) until I finish the draft.
  • Blogging class is in full swing (WANA International).  I have a list of topics to finish for homework.  Still working on this.

14 thoughts on “Eating Green Bean Blossoms

  1. Ryan King

    I don’t think I’ve chomped down on any blossoms. I’ve had tea made from them though on many occasions. But what do you expect from a tea drinker? See, now I knew you had a streak of Rebellion in you! List of topics.. is that your word cloud? I thought you finished that?

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      So, you’ve injested many different kinds of flowers then. 😉 I have more rebel in me than most people think. I love it when a friend sees that and is shocked.

      I’m actually working on post topics (some based on the cloud). I have a list that needs to be fleshed out with post ideas for my schedule. Kristen encouraged me–it’s not standard homework for the rest of the class. I really need to do it, and it’s making me think though. LOL.

      1. Ryan King

        Ahhhh. Okay. I was going through my own categories recently and came up with some themes. Still not sure how to employ them exactly but they’re slowly taking shape.

      1. Pauline Baird Jones

        I’ve been wondering now, too. Been too long. It was one of our favorite restaurants in New Orleans, but I understand it went out of business after Katrina. My hubs knows quite a bit about edible flowers and such. He’s a very adventurous eater. (grin)

  2. Marcy Kennedy

    I never would have thought to eat the green bean blossoms. That’s something I’ll have to try next summer. (We’re heading in to winter here, so no more vegetable garden veggies for me until spring.)

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      I was hestitant to try one at first–mostly because I didn’t want to decrease the bean production. Then I had so many beans that I didn’t care. LOL. I couldn’t believe how much the flower tasted like a bean!

      Do you get to do any kind of winter gardening (spinach, kale, or other winter veggies)? Or is it just too cold?


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