Toes, Strangers, and Shoes

This week I did something that I’ve never done before.  I got a pedicure.


You can pick your jaw up from the floor now.  Are you more shocked that I’ve never had one or that I actually did?

It was an odd experience having a perfect stranger cleaning, rubbing, and snipping–scraping those cuticles.  My cuticles were not cute.

All the pampering got me thinking about my feet, which I usually don’t do, unless I’m shopping for shoes.

Then, I think about them a lot.  If you have feet that are lucky enough to be easy to fit, then I’m happy for you.  I have large feet and shopping usually involves looking for my size first and the style second. 

Did I say “feet”?  I meant to say “boats” or “skis”–my husband likes to joke that I wouldn’t need skis. Or, Big Foot hoaxes are based on my footprints. He also teases that his feet are smaller. They aren’t! His cuteness keeps him alive.  😉

Shopping for shoes when I was 12 years old and wearing size 10 was not fun.  I was a puppy growing into my paws. It wasn’t easy finding kid-friendly shoes back then.  Now, after two kids and letting comfort win, I wear 11.

My husband’s feet are bigger.  They are!  *pout*

One day my husband surprised me by buying me two pairs of really cute shoes from a major department store that claims to be able to fit anyone.  (Anyone with normal feet, maybe.)  The salesman asked my husband if he wanted to try them on before he bought them.

Are you kidding me?

I imagined the conversation.

Hubby:  I need these two shoes in a size 10.
(This was before Daughter #2 and I was still in denial that I needed a 10.5, at least.)

Mr. Shoe Man looks at my husband with a bland look.  After searching for an eternity in the cavernous back room for the mythical shoe size, he returns with the boxes.  In his bland voice he asks, “Would you like to try these on, sir?”

Hubby:  *blink, blink*  “Er, no, these are for my wife.”

Mr. Shoe Man: *wink*  “Right, of course.”

First, Mr. Rude Shoe Man, if he wanted to try them on, he would have said so.

Second, they wouldn’t have fit him!

*stomps foot*

When I returned the pair that didn’t fit, I told the salesman what happened.  I’m fairly certain he had a really good laugh after I left.

Where was I?  Right, I’m getting my first pedicure and all this stuff is going through my head. The massage chair is punishing my entire backside and a stranger is prodding, filing, and rubbing on my sensitive feet. 

A few of my friends love pedicures.  They insisted that I try it.  They can still be my friends.  😛

My frugal cheap self can’t imagine paying for a pedicure every month or so. I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy the experience that much–maybe because I didn’t know what to expect. And the tiny disposable flip-flops made out of thin craft foam that they gave me to wear so I wouldn’t mess up my toes didn’t even make it to the car before falling apart.

I do have very pretty purple toenails. My toes have never looked this good. They probably never will again.

Do you have any foot or shoe stories?  You know you want to share.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Toes, Strangers, and Shoes

  1. Tara

    HaHaHaHaHa!!! Ok, ok, never again 😀 LOVE the hubby story!
    Several years ago, I was working on a special assignment in another city. Every day, I walked by a nail salon and spa that sported many “Best of” certificates in their window. I stopped in a couple of times for manicures and pedicures (I love French nails, and I can’t make the white line smooth if I try it myself!). The salon employee convinced me that I should try an all-body massage next time – something I’d never done before. A few days later, I returned for my massage appointment, feeling nervous and self-conscious. Let’s just say, that having thrown all modesty to the wind, I walked out of there certain that I had bruises on my back and that my legs were embarrassingly ticklish. Ugh. The masseuse, who also happened to be my nail artist, smiled and waved at me, saying, “When will you be back to wax your eyebrows?”
    Ok,ok, never again 😀

  2. Julie Glover

    I remember the first pedicure feeling odd, but now i love getting them. Bring your own flip-flops. The craft foam ones are weird. I don’t go often, but they are a now-and-then treat for my toes!

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      What a nice way to think about it. Your toes looked loved! All these encouraging comments are going to make me want to give it another try. Maybe a holiday paint job…

  3. Karla Darcy

    I remember the first time I got a pedicure. The gal doing my feet was dressed better than I was and was wearing better jewelry. She looked at my callused feet and said, “Madam, is an athlete?” Ah that would be a no.


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