What were they thinking?

These news articles that I found this week were too dunce-cap-worthy not to share.   In no particular order, here are a few people who make me feel smarter.

Did you see the one of the bodybuilder who didn’t bronze every part of his body?  The effect is a little disturbing.  It looks like a digital photo editing nightmare.  Nope, that’s his head with his natural skin color. He must have had a good reason to forget his head.

How about the pre-school teacher in South Africa who played a few rounds of “how many preschoolers can I squeeze into my tiny car?”  Are these kids circus clowns?  Not only did she shuttle her 31 students from the school to a mall restaurant playground in multiple trips, but she also left them unattended on the playground between driving shifts (I’m assuming that’s the case because no other adult was reported to be with her).  When police caught up with her, they found 11 of the children in the back seat and 6 in the hatch.  Her traffic ticket was for $170.  Because they didn’t witness the other trips, she wasn’t charged.  As a parent, I think I’d have some choice words for her.

A more appropriate mode of transportation
Photo by Kristen Lamb via WANA Commons

I don’t have a lot to say about this guy–other than to point out the obvious.  When you’re in an airport, you do not, under any circumstance, joke about bombs or guns.  It’s true.  A NCAA hockey referee did just that when he “flirted” with an airline employee.  He wasn’t allowed on the plane after that.  Detainment and missed work are his prize for all his “wit.”

And now for something really different: #ROW80 Goals

  • The front garden is planted with carrots, lettuce, and spinach.  Woohoo!  Now to start working on the back beds to get ready for more planting.  My older daughter requested lots of kale today.  We love kale chips.
  • Work out and eat better.  Most importantly, know that food does not have control over me and does not define me.
  • I wrote 4,000 words and got a lot of great research done this weekend.  I’m hoping to do more than that next weekend (more solitude to write–don’t get two weekends in a row very often!).
  • Blogging class and logline class are in full swing.  I’m learning a ton!  Finish my homework this week.

11 thoughts on “What were they thinking?

  1. Debra Kristi

    First, that guy is just freakish. Second, I would be livid if my kid was in that teacher’s class. Third, some people just don’t know when to keep their mouths shut. It’s sad. Finally, way to go on the goals! Yay for you! I want to be getting the word count in. Dang. I feel like I’m chasing my tail lately. Ugh. Alright, back to work for me.

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      You just summed them all up perfectly. Thanks for the encouragement. It’s so nice when I get time to concentrate to write that much. I have to take time away from the family to do it though. It’s a trade off.

  2. Julie Glover

    Yay to learning and writing! Love that you got into your classes and 4k words this week.

    As for the bomb joke, we need to lighten up a little. Have any terrorists actually joked about bombing someone? I don’t think so.

    And that preschool teacher should be shoved into a glove compartment for a week.

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      Thanks, Julie. 🙂

      You have a point. Terrorists aren’t going to announce that they annouce their plans before they do it. I love the idea to put that teacher in a glove compartment! She needs to have company, though, so she can be really squished in there. Since I wouldn’t even consider putting another person (or animal for that matter), she can cozy up to as many Cabbage Patch Dolls as can be shoved in there with her. 🙂


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