Mustard. Bleh.

I don’t like mustard.  I never have.  There is no explanation for my dislike of the yellow condiment.  There was no childhood food trauma that made me hate it.

Not mustard again?!
Image by Lynn Kelley via WANA Commons

It is perhaps the one flavor that can be hidden in almost anything, and I’ll be able to taste it.  The rest of the dish is ruined for me after that.  OK, maybe not deviled eggs, unless they are really mustardy.

Usually, my husband and I split a burger.  I can’t eat a whole one.  He can add mustard to his half of the sandwich if he wants to.  He can even have my pickles.  After 20 years of marriage, my husband still finds it amusing when my head spins 360 degrees around on my neck and the pea soup spews when the drive-thru attendant gets my order wrong and puts mustard on my burger.

“You can just wipe it off,” my husband says.

*cue demonic voice* “No, you can’t just wipe it off. ”

(I can be a little scary sometimes. <sheepish grin>)

If I can see yellow, then I can taste mustard.  That’s a perfectly good Whatabuger wasted.  I’ll taste that mustard in my mouth forever.  Bleh.

Today, I had about 20 minutes to pick up dinner and get to my daughter’s school to help set up for Fall Festival.  I looked forward to my Whataburger–we don’t eat them very often.  It had mustard, even after the guy who took my order repeated “dry” to me.

Bleh.  I scraped it off and replaced the lettuce and tomatoes (because, yes, they were yellow) with the ones on the burger my daughters were splitting (because, yes, he got theirs wrong, too). Then covered the remaining yellow in Stubb’s Barbeque Sauce.

And took a bite.  Sigh.  I tried very hard not to taste the bit of mustard that was left.  I tried very hard to remember that it wasn’t worth being upset about a condiment.  My husband was really happy with his half of the burger, after all.

So what, I didn’t enjoy the burger like I wanted to, but it’s just food and there will be other burgers.  I still don’t like mustard.

I did find this hilarious clip about mustard from Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode called “Once More with Feeling.”  It’s the only mustard I like.

I may have mentioned once or twice that I’m a geek. 😀 I own the soundtrack for the episode as well as the entire season (and maybe a few other seasons, too).

What about you?  Is there a condiment or other food that you just will not eat?  Are you one of those people who actually like mustard?

18 thoughts on “Mustard. Bleh.

  1. Pauline B Jones

    My daughter read an article about this. Taste and what we taste and like has to do with our taste buds, how they are arranged on our tongue and such. I can not eat pineapple and prefer to miss mushrooms. My son can’t eat fresh tomato. They taste bitter to him. So its the fault of your taste buds. (grin)

  2. Ryan King

    I’m afraid I’m one of those people who like mustard. I like spicy brown especially but horseradish mustard and dijon is good too. But for me, it’s coconut. If it is in the food, I WILL taste it. Ask my wife. She once gave me a cookie and after a bite I handed it back to her. She asked what was wrong and I told her it had coconut. She checked the package and coconut was the last ingredient on the package. There was more food coloring than the actual coconut. Did I mention I hate coconut? LOL. So I certainly feel your pain!

  3. Kay

    I love mustard (French’s) but feel the same way if there’s mayo on my burger. I am OK with mayo on a turkey sandwich though.

  4. Gilliad Stern

    Whataburger? Oh how that brings back memories. I haven’t eaten there since I lived in Wichita. Oh, I definitely agree on the mustard. No thanks!

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      Another no-mustard person! 🙂 Don’t you miss a good ol’ burger built the way you want it (except when they get your order wrong)? I’m not sure I’d make it for very long without a nearby orange-and-white striped restaurant to be there when I need it.

  5. Dennis Haynes

    Maybe it runs in the family….I bloody well hate mustard – except in deviled eggs. It has the strongest flavor of any condiment I know and it over powers EVERYTHING no matter how small the amount applied. My in-laws smother fresh salmon in heavy duty dijon mustard and bake. I literally gagged at the thought of it the first time. The baking seemed to mellow out the mustard a bit and I scraped off the excess. It was actually not the worst thing I ever tasted (that would be anything bitter like purple lettuce – ACK!) but the flavor of the salmon was almost non-existant. Yeah, no thanks!

  6. Dennis Haynes

    One more thing: I read the comments about bananas. I can’t stand anything that is flavored with banana or cherry. I can eat fresh cherries and yellow bananas (hate them with any hint of green) but cannot stand the flavoring in gum, candy, cough medicine (ACK!)…Ok, there isn’t a banana-flavored cough syrup, but I can guarantee that I won’t be trying it if’n they do create it. I’ve come a LOOOONG way with what I’ll eat and have learned to love some amazing foods, but I still have my hold-overs.


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