Celebrate World Chocolate Day

Today is World Chocolate Day.  Yum!  Chocolate is so popular that it has at least four other national days and a national week.  (Can you say marketing? Who makes these things up?)

The “Love you” squares were perfect to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

Dark chocolate is my favorite.  I’m talking about 70-85% dark chocolate.  More than that is too bitter for me.  Less than that is too sweet.

The darker the chocolate is, the more bitter it tastes.  A former co-worker used to break off a tiny piece of 90-95% dark chocolate, put it on her tongue, and then sip her black coffee.  I tried it, but it was all too dark–I’m not a black coffee drinker to begin with.  She had definitely acquired a taste for the combination.

Rather than going on a semi-sweet rant about Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate, I’d like to share with you some handmade chocolates from around the world.  It is World Chocolate Day, after all.

It all started when The Husband went to Europe on business.  He took a side trip to Brussels, Belgium, and found the famous Manneken Pis fountain (yep, little boy peeing) on Rue de l’Etuve.  At that intersection are two Belgium chocolate shops across the street from each other: Neuhaus and Leonidas. Both shops have large chocolate imitations of the fountain’s little boy taking care of business (or having a contest with each other? *eyes roll*  I only mention it because you can see them in Google Street View.  LOL).

The Husband brought home a box of Neuhaus chocolates that we shared.  We split each piece and then savored the flavors–one piece per day.  After deciding that we liked the dark chocolates best, we ordered a box of them.  The Husband admitted that he tried the Leonidas chocolates, too.  They were delicious, but he neglected to bring some home.  Grr.

The Koko Black pocket poster..so you know what you’re eating.

Then he went to Melbourne, Australia, and brought home a box of Koko Black chocolates. While the Neuhas chocolates were flavors were the expected traditional pralines, nuts, and ganaches, Koko Black added spices (cinnamon, saffron, and chillies) and created unusual liquor pairings, including a caramel made with a Western Australian microbrewery stout. We savored the selection piece by piece, too.

When I went to Boston (hey, it’s still in the world) with a few of my friends, I saw a Max Brenner shop and restuarant.  There, I picked a box of dark chocolates to bring home to  continue our tradition.

Of the three, the Neuhaus chocolates are my favorites. Since then, I’ve discovered that they have a store and a cafe in not that far away from home.  Can’t wait to go!  Maybe I’ll go today for World Chocolate Day.  Yum.

Do you love chocolate as much as I do?  Would you travel the world or the Web for chocolate or another delicacy?  How will you celebrate World Chocolate Day?

10 thoughts on “Celebrate World Chocolate Day

  1. TommieLyn

    While I’m truly a vanilla/coconut gal, I do love a milk chocolate Hershey bar on occasion. You can say I have an uneducated chocolate palate, but…

    I think my aversion to dark chocolate had its birth in a nefarious operation I carried out when I was about six or seven years old. Mama was baking and had laid out the ingredients she’d need, one of them being a plank of baker’s chocolate, broken into squares. When her back was turned, I snitched one of them and made off to my room with it. I sniffed it. Mmmm! Popped it in my mouth and chewed. Bleh and double bleh!!! I never got over that awful taste.

    I’ll have to tell you, I learned then that crime does not pay. One of these days, I’ll tell you the story about my experience with a wonderful-smelling bottle of vanilla extract (which, unfortunately for me, did not destroy my relationship with my favorite dessert flavor)….

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      Baking chocolate! I have to agree with you–it is not for straight consumption. I can see why you don’t care for dark chocolate. I would love to hear your story about vanilla extract. Do share that one soon! I do like vanilla, too. But if I every had to choose, chocolate would win.

  2. Julie Glover

    Wow, I haven’t had such rich chocolates as you have, but dark chocolate is definitely my favorite as well. I love Godiva chocolates, but I usually have Dove chocolates at home. There is a great place in Fredericksburg, Texas that features liquor-filled chocolates. I doubted I would like that combo, but they were delicious. A whole day for chocolate? I think that’s a great idea!

    1. Diana Beebe Post author

      Everyday is a chocolate day for me. 😉 I don’t get the rich ones very often. When I do, I like to savor them. I never could develop a taste for the liquor chocolates, but there are so many flavors and types that everybody can find something to like.


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